Video Interviews

Save time and reduce cost

Video interviewing

With Cisco predicting that by 2017, video will make up a whopping 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, Video Interviews are rapidly becoming part and parcel of the recruitment process globally.


When hiring for remote based positions, or on behalf of other offices across your business, you will see the instant benefit of video interviews.

Screen and assess candidates

video interviews
Video and Voice Interviews on any Device

Our video/voice interviewing technology includes both live and on-demand interviewing capabilities that can be seamlessly added to your organization’s hiring workflow.

video interviews
Incredible Cost Savings & Process Impovement

Video interviewing begins to pay off the investment in weeks, not years. Our clients earn 5-10X returns through both operational and strategic cost reductions, which we regularly benchmark using our ROI calculator.

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Easy for Candidates and Hiring Teams

We’re focused on ease of use for both sides — we want candidates to think highly of your company after interviewing. It’s how you compete to win top talent. Your hiring team will appreciate that the platform was built with their efficiency as a top priority.

All devices

video interviews

Fully integrated solution

Our integrated video responses and live video interviews help you understand and engage with your candidates better and faster than ever.

video interviews
  • Enhance your application process with video responses in your forms and questionnaires
  • Schedule live, 1:1 or panel video interviews via a simple application, just like any other meeting
  • Watch and record on the fly - our video features are also mobile-friendly for both you and your applicants

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