TalentintheCloud’s TTA™ service is designed to allow you to hire on an ad-hoc, commitment-free basis.

As a business, we speak to hundreds of candidates every week who are either looking to join the FinTech industry or who are already experts in the sector and looking for a new challenge.

Let us approach you with interesting candidates who can make a real difference to your business.

View candidates who are interested in joining your business! Hear what they are looking for, what skills they can bring and why they’d be a great hire for your business

An introduction will be made via email where we have obtained express permission from the candidate to exclusively represent them to your business.

TalentintheCloud will disclose to your business full details on the candidate’s background, experience, preferences and desired remuneration package.

Each candidate will be presented to your business in a digital format and will contain a video introduction, resume and any supporting documentation.