The best advice you have for someone that wants to get into the FinTech industry

The best advice you have for someone that wants to get into your industry.

One of the many issues people face in their careers is changing industries. Depending on the industry, it can either be a simple move, or something you would have to take a few small steps before making the move.

The Fintech industry is something I have been privileged enough to start my more “corporate career” off in. As a Senior Consultant for TalentintheCloud, we deal with some of the biggest names in the FinTech industry, most of them are looking for individuals that come with previous FinTech experience, which is probably the biggest hindrance when it comes to people looking to join the FinTech space. My advice to anyone seeking to join this fast-paced industry is to start out small and make your way from there.

What does this mean? Depending on your career, there are various avenues in which you can upskill yourself to be more Fintech – do short courses, enrol yourself in webinars, do learnerships, and look at maybe joining a start-up. LinkedIn also has a very big Fintech community, so engaging on LinkedIn and making connections can go a very long way!

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