Spotlight Article: The Podcast that Changed My Life

The podcast that changed my life

I’m the host of a podcast series, Talking Success, where I interview top leaders from the FinTech space. It’s a show that covers building a business, career advice and how to better your life. When anyone asks what episode to listen to there’s always one that comes to mind. No matter if you’re from the FinTech space, or someone that wants to better themselves and their career, this episode will change your life.  

Mike Scott, Co-founder and CEO of Nona is the episode for you 

He touches on his experience with his co-founder, creating a company culture, and finally the thing that has inspired me most, how to mold the perfect daily routine. I’m a creature of habit and my team teases me about how I have 8-9 hours of sleep every day no matter what (or else I’ll be your worst nightmare), and Mike goes into why this is important and his 6 non-negotiables.  

6 non-negotiables for the perfect daily routine 

  1. 8 hours of sleep  
  2. Zero screen time an hour before bed  
  3. Meditation  
  4. Exercise  
  5. Intermittent fasting  
  6. Eisenhower matrix: Prioritizing tasks by urgency and importance 

So why did this change my life?  

We were in the thick of lockdown in South Africa, where we couldn’t leave our house AT ALL unless for necessities or exercise between 6 am-9 am. I was developing bad habits like working until bedtime, scrolling on my phone until my eyes shut and not moving my body unless you count the walk from my desk to the microwave. Something needed to change, and my conversation with Mike sparked that. I started waking up an hour earlier to go for morning walks and spend that time being mindful before the craze of work begins. I blocked out an hour for lunch to do at home workouts and when my laptop shuts, I would play board games with my family or build a puzzle (trust me it’s therapeutic). As woo-woo as it sounds, I promise you I became happier, a better employee, that was more motivated, brought better ideas to the table, and ultimately in the best headspace ever.  

Eisenhower matrix 

Mike taught me about Eisenhower’s matrix where you prioritize tasks by urgency and importance. It’s broken down into 4 quadrants: 

  1. Do first – This is the task that is most important and needs to be accomplished by EOD. 
  2. Schedule – These are less important but still urgent and tasks you would put on your calendar. 
  3. Delegate – Some of these may not be as important, or have someone better suited for the task. 
  4. Don’t do – This is a list of things or habits that you should stop doing. 

I recorded this podcast about a year ago, and it’s equally as impactful today. I decided this article needed to be written, as I’ve recently slipped and created some bad habits again. Even if this helps one person out there, please give the episode a listen, you won’t regret it.

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