Spotlight Article: The Role of Chatbots in Recruitment

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The role of chatbots in recruitment

Chatbots are making a buzz all around the world and establishing their spot in many digital circles. But are recruitment chatbots here to stay? Can they replace recruiters? What do candidates think about engaging with them? And should recruitment companies invest in them?

Chatbots in recruiting is one of the most notable trends in talent acquisition right now. It’s an excellent example of how technology, specifically artificial intelligence, can assist recruiting teams to be more efficient and simultaneously improve the candidate’s experience.

But, what exactly is a chatbot? Well, it’s a software program that uses artificial intelligence such as machine learning and natural language processing to communicate with us and answer our questions. It uses predetermined commands and algorithms to find relevant answers to our queries. A recruitment chatbot is very similar and can be used to convey specific information to multiple candidates, provide answers to typical questions, or collect detailed information from candidates, ultimately simplifying the HR routine.

Four ways chatbots can improve recruitment:

  1. Chatbots can help save time and money. They can automate up to 75% of recruiting activities, decreasing both the cost and time of the hiring process.
  2. Chatbots can also process high volume admin or monotonous tasks, allowing recruiters to solely connect with candidates on more advanced stages of the recruitment process.
  3. Chatbots can also provide 24/7 support to candidates and answer FAQs about the specific role or application process. They are ‘always on’, which keep candidates engaged.
  4. Lastly, chatbots can also strengthen the company brand by providing feedback and follow-ups on candidates. They maintain a high level of communication during the recruiting process and significantly impacts the company brand.

But not too soon! While chatbots benefits are undeniable and improve the overall applicant experience, the question we all want to know is, will recruitment chatbots replace recruiters?

Candidates always have typical questions, and chatbots can immediately provide the answers they are looking for. A recent survey by Allegis shows that 58% of job seekers feel comfortable interacting with chatbots. However, the downside of these HR bots is that they work based on predetermined algorithms. Therefore, all possible variants of events can’t be programmed, which means that these bots aren’t able to solve all problems. For example, they will not manage the conversation between the applicant and their future manager at the interview or answer a candidate’s unexpected question. But this shows the inherent value of humans. There are some things that only humans can do, which means that the HR industry will still require human specialists for these purposes.

But if chatbots are used correctly, they can help manage productivity and retention more effectively than old HR methods. Besides, it allows businesses to complete the recruitment process faster than ever before, but it is important to find the balance between humans and machines.

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