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Our Recruitment Services

Many of our clients engage with us to help define and run recruitment campaigns to identify the best candidates. Combining the latest search technologies as well as our unrivaled international headhunting experience, we will  advise you on the correct sourcing strategies for your particular project / mandate.

In many scenarios, a well written and carefully placed advert can deliver the required candidates - and in this instance our team will handle the entire process from drafting the advert through to shortlisting candidates. You have the complete freedom to decide which modules you would like to have included.

In the event the correct candidates cannot be attracted from an advert, our team will discuss various options with you. This could include traditional headhunting or creative options such as sponsored social medial advertising, drip marketing campaigns and even trade press publication (we're serious, it still works in some cases!)

Our experience in using technology as well as classic methods means that we are able to delve deep into hidden talent pools, so our clients can access a far wider range of candidates than ever before. Using our assessments, referencing and fine tuned methodology, you will find it hard to match our sourcing and selection service.

In Summary

  • Fine tuned methodology developed over 17 years
  • In depth Pre-Hire Assessments to ensure fit
  • Multi sector capability
  • Experience across the entire EMEA region
  • 60 years of combined experience
  • Global network
  • Access to all social and paid channels
  • Latest tools & techniques designed to unearth hidden talent
  • Full transparency throughout any campaigns
  • Verified background checks
  • Highly experienced international team
  • Trusted advisors
  • Full APSCO members
  • Fixed price fee structure
  • Passionate team with your best interests at heart
  • Multilingual staff  (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, German)

We expand the search across all these channels.. and many more

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Our Fees

We don't believe in charging a percentage of the annual salary as a fee. In our opinion this is a flawed, outdated and an unjustifiable pricing model.  We price our services based on exactly what you require and you are in control - at all times.

Our sourcing services are some of the most cost efficient available on the market however, we do not compromise on quality. Service delivery is the most precious measure of our success.

Eliminating Referencing Inaccuracies

History has taught us that simply obtaining a verbal reference for candidates is littered with inaccuracies. Fraud and bias is an ever growing issue with pre-employment referencing, so we use a secure cloud-based reference system that allows us to obtain verified references for your candidates. This system produces a detailed summary of the responses given by the previous employer(s) and allows you to focus your interview on particular areas.

You receive authentic information with no 3rd party interference - you are able to determine the questions you want answered. The whole process takes minutes, cutting down the amount of time needed to hire a new employee for a key position

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