Examples of how our modular approach can be used

How it works

Detailed below are just 3 examples of how our services can be used.  In most instances, we begin with a diagnostic exercise (soon to be made available online) to better understand your requirements, current processes and methods. Once that data has been analyzed we will discuss our recommendations with you and produce a project plan with a scope of works.

Scenario 1

Company profile: Fast growing Hi-Tech company

Current Headcount: 14

Objective: to grow to 45 staff within 12 months

Recruitment Model: using traditional staffing agencies

Issues: excessive spend, prolonged recruitment time-lines, inconsistent candidate experience (impacting employer brand), applicant shortlists sometimes weak

Modules to use:

  • Branded career sites
  • Sourcing
  • ATS
  • Pre-Hire Assessments
  • Verified pre-employment referencing
  • Candidate Management

Scenario 2


Company Profile: International Airline

Current Headcount: 60,000

Objective: To assess and manage 8,000+ applications per month

Current Model: Uses internal staff for all recruitment

Issues: Over-worked and underutilized staff, shortlist inaccuracies, unconscious bias, negative  candidate experience affecting the brand ability to hire.

Modules to use:

  • Pre-Hire Assessments
  • Candidate Management
  • Verified pre-employment referencing

Scenario 3

Company Profile: e-commerce business

Current Headcount: 250

Objective: Looking for specialist skill sets across multiple countries

Current Recruitment Model: Internal resources for sourcing and management, supported by agencies. existing applicant tracking system

Issues: High cost per hire, interview to hire ratio 10>1, poor candidate experience


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