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Digital Assessments for the FinTech Sector

“The best predictor of how someone will perform in a job is a work sample test. Give candidates a sample piece of work, similar to that which they would do in the job, and assess their performance.”

-Laszlo Bock former SVP of People, Google

We have invested in an advanced Digital Assessment platform which allows us to accurately and quickly assess candidates a variety of data points. Digital profiles are produced allowing you to watch, listen and see how candidates perform, as well as measuring them against your current team.

Assessments have been carefully designed for the FinTech sector. From Sales through to Marketing and Finance through to Applications Development, our assessments quickly, accurately and without any bias, rank candidates according to their overall scores.

These assessments are designed to allow you to:

  • Watch how candidates perform
  • Listen to their simulated conversations
  • Read how they interact with customers
  • See how they come across in a video interview
  • View how they scored against other candidates
  • Build talent pools
  • Provide candidates with detailed feedback


Types of assessments

Realistic Job Previews

We immerse candidates into challenging work situations that mirror the reality of the job and see how they perform. You can watch them prospect for leads, build spreadsheets, write code, and even talk to AI-powered simulated customers on the phone.


Knowledge & Skill Tests

Find candidates who’ve mastered the knowledge and skills to be job-ready. The test library begins with foundational skills like language, math, customer service, and sales and continues on to advanced skills for specific jobs.


Cognitive & Psychometric Tests

Find candidates who demonstrate the optimum mix of personality traits and cognitive aptitude for the job. Tests of emotional intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and work-styles have a demonstrated history of predicting future job performance, especially in team settings.

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Programming Tests

Our programming environments let developers work with the code editor and operating systems they’re already comfortable with as they solve real-world engineering situations.


Typical Assessment Process

Assessment stages are broken down into objective and subjective stages. Each stage can be fully automated to provide instant feedback to candidates.

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Digital Profile

Digital Profiles allow you to gain a far greater insight into the potential suitability of a candidate prior to you inviting candidates in for formal interviews.


These profiles go way beyond a CV - you are able to see how each candidate has performed and delve deeper into each answer (should you so wish).


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