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With dedicated practice areas, we understand the FinTech landscape intimately

Neobanks & Challenger Banks​​

Mobile-native alternatives to brick-and-mortar and the FinTech solution to underbanked, lower-income communities. The most significant contributor to the ever-growing blessings of Unicorns!


Dominates the FinTech sector and provides key infrastructure for other innovations within FinTech. It’s a broad discipline with hundreds of unique skills. 

Embedded Finance​

Arguably the future of the financial services industry, it merges non-financial with FinTech instruments to distribute financial services. Unique skill sets are required for this area of FinTech!

Digital Currency & DeFi​

One of the fastest-growing and disruptive technologies globally. From Digital Currencies to DeFi, this sector is changing the status quo. Talent is as hard to come by as a Satoshi selfie!   

Open Banking

Opening consumers’ financial data to third parties means a whole host of innovative financial products making money more accessible. It’s a hot sector with an increasing demand for top talent.

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