Life lessons I implement in my workplace

In my life, I have learnt some words that help me until this day with my work that I in the past or even today daily. The world we live in has changed dramatically, and we all know it. For some people, it has changed for the best, and for some, it has just been downhill, with some thinking you’re on your way uphill. I like these five words – Understanding, emotion, loving, success and support. Why these are my favourite words of life, you may ask, well let me tell you. 

Understanding: Understanding someone’s frustration, hurt, love, or even happiness makes you connect with them on a different level. 

Understanding how someone feels and them telling you about it makes you a person at the end of the day, and you can connect with them in your own way. 

Emotion: Being emotional is hard work if someone comes to me and doesn’t feel confident or lacks something, I want them to express their feeling. Maybe I have what they lack and can say to them, hey, I can be that for you if you’re a customer, a company client or even just a college. 

Making someone their better part of emotion is an amazing feeling if it’s just not their day. Loving, well hello, God has loved me with all my flaws, and I can give that love too. Loving each other in this incredible world makes life easier, knowing there is someone there loving you.   

Success: I am sure everyone has accomplished something, even if it means in your home, washing the dishes or at working finishing your admin for the week or even month. Yeah, that successful feeling, that pride of a lion, yeah, that’s what gets me going and make me want more.  

Support: Well, in the past three years in my career, taking that leap to change work going from non-support to support from my colleagues has been one of the craziest feeling ever. To me, it feels like I can honestly say that what a difference in my daily lifestyle. How something so small can change your life, I don’t know about you, but spending 40hours+ a week with your work family and getting that support like hello, this company is changing lives. 

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