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I came across a very interesting infographic posted on SocialTalent entitled ‘How Recruiters Read your CV’ and this simple graphic highlights exactly why recruitment HAS TO change. Everything around us evolves however some industries are slower than others to react. The article states that on average,...

Everyone’s looking for that rough diamond, that one in a million who could improve your business ten-fold, that shining knight… you’re praying that when you conduct interviews that someone walks in with a halo and lights up the room – everything is perfect, skills, qualifications, cultural fit and you fall in love instantly (metaphorically speaking!).

When you think about it, is a CV or resume really the best tool for assessing a candidate? Sure, you can get a feeling for where they have worked, what they claim to have done and perhaps an idea on their ability to write, but each one of these things can be misleading and potentially fabricated.