30-minute Hiring Strategy Session

When filling jobs just isn’t enough.

Discover TalentintheCloud’s industry-transforming Talent Capture System(TCS) with a 30-minute strategy call with our CEO, Darren Franks.

Over the last 20 years, Darren has helped some of the worlds fastest growing and high profile FinTech’s design cutting edge Talent Acquisition strategies which have led to multiple IPO’s and trade sales.

Combining the lastest technologies with human expertise, Darren’s strategies consistently deliver unprecedented results.

An introduction to our services

Leadership’s greatest hiring challenges

See competitor pressures as a high impact challenge that can create considerable risk for the organisation.

Feel that the lack of recruitment skills and knowledge is holding hiring back

Indicate that the inability to recruit talent into the organisation has a moderate to high impact on scaling.

Feel the competition for talent is fierce. Competing for talent is their biggest hiring barrier.

Source – Digital Frontiers Institute FinTech Talent Report

What can you do?

As it becomes increasingly more challenging for companies to compete for the skilled leaders, implementing a forward-thinking plan in the recruitment process is the best approach to ensure you are not missing out on the very best talent.

As the war for talent continues, the demand will continue to outweigh supply. Fintech leaders know more than most, the damage caused by making the wrong hire. But what about the financial implications caused by sourcing candidates with outdated, inefficient and most importantly inaccurate, methods?

Talent is harder to find

Job boards rarely produce results

LinkedIn & social media is too noisy

Generalist staffing agencies are rarely effective

Learn the secrets of how we’ve helped FinTech’s across EMEA recruit high performing teams