Case study

How to overcome the challenges of scaling a FinTech Pan-Africa

DPO Group Launched Operations In Kenya In 2006 And Since Then Has Expanded Across East, West And Southern Africa Through Organic Growth And Strategic Acquisitions.

In A Landmark Deal In The African Payments Space, DPO Group Has Recently Been Acquired By Network International For $288 Million.

DPO Group

The company is among the largest payment service providers in Africa following the acquisition of PayFast in July, serving some 100,000 merchants.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the growth of mobile money is playing a pivotal role in extending financial services to those people traditionally excluded from the financial system. In Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, where DPO Group has been operating since early 2006, its partnership with mobile money operators such as M-Pesa, Airtel, Tigo, MTN and Orange has allowed consumers to pay their bills and shop online easily.

The challenge of Pan-African expansion

After raising private equity funding from Apis Partners in 2016, DPO Group embarked on an aggressive expansion plan. The goal was simple; land, expand and hire the top talent in every market. The founders were insistent that in order to positively impact local markets, every hire they made should be from the local talent pool.

This in itself was going to present a challenge; as many of the markets DPO wanted to enter were virgin territory for online payments, therefore the talent pool was going to be extremely thin.
DPO’s existing suppliers were country-specific and did not possess the reach or experience to help DPO scale Africa.

Late in 2016, DPO’s executive team got in touch with TalentintheCloud and invited its leadership team to an intensive 3 day strategy workshop in Nairobi. After its conclusion, DPO’s leadership team had confidence that TalentintheClouds’ innovative approach to talent acquisition fitted well with their vision, and embarked on a 12-month project to hire the very best local talent for the business


For the period December 2016 to July 2020, the following results have been achieved:

After close to 4 successful years, DPO and TalentintheCloud renewed their contract and continue to work closely together on strategic markets and key hires across the continent.​

DPO Group Has Been Acquired By Network International For $288 Million In Landmark Deal For African Payments.

TalentintheCloud created a bespoke solution for DPO designed to deliver the top percentile of candidates from each market and drive the success of DPO’s ambitious mission.

The solution initially included: digitized assessments, asynchronous video interviews, employee branding through a new careers site & programmatic advertising, the deployment of a state of the art recruitment system and a dedicated, robust account management team.

In order for the model to work so effectively, it was essential that TalentintheCloud understood the culture of DPO – what success looked like and why certain people excelled. During the discovery phase of the project, four of DPO’s top performers were interviewed and assessed resulting in a qualitative benchmark that was used to measure future candidates against.

Both DPO and TalentintheCloud refined and iterated the process by deploying new tools and strategies to deal with various nuances in specific countries. The recruitment process at DPO is now one of the slickest in Africa where the candidate experience, time to hire and most importantly the quality of hire is continually measured, analysed and improved.