Find and Capture FinTech Talent Globally

To find and attract top talent in the FinTech space, you’ll need more than an online job board and a competitive offer. You’ll need access.

At TalentintheCloud we provide our clients with access to high performing leadership talent within the financial technology space.

Our Talent Capture System (TCS™) solution has been developed specifically for the FinTech sector and has been proven to work across 22 countries. TCS™ is designed to enable our clients to tap into the top 15% of executive FinTech candidates.

This system enables us to map up to 93% of the FinTech talent market and fine-tune matches, resulting in a 94.7% retention rate against the industry average of 86%. Using our sophisticated methods and vast network of industry partners, we are able to give you access to x4 the number of candidates you can source from every other channel combined!

TCS™ combines insights, personality & job profiling and a digitalized approach towards recruitment and hiring to ensure our clients and candidates are perfectly matched. The unique combination of innovative technology, deep industry understanding and personal involvement in the process allows us to deliver results that far surpass client expectations:

14 DaysAverage Time to Shortlist

44%Of executives we have placed are women

2:1Average interview to hire ratio

22Countries we have made placements in

46.2%Retention rate after 2 months

Reduction in time to hire by 70%
Dramatically increases time to hire
No more wasted first stage interviews
Collaborate with your team to make fast decisions
Give an exceptional candidate experience

We offer a full range of recruitment services designed specifically for the FinTech sector