TalentintheCloud actively promotes gender diversity across the African FinTech sector –  We firmly believe in equal opportunities for women.

As strategic partners of the African Women in FinTech and Payments (AWFP) community, we have built a deep understanding of the unique journey that women experience throughout the life-cycle of their career, especially in the male-dominated Financial Services sector.

In collaboration with the AWFP, we are developing a community of experts and a suite of useful tools to help and encourage women to succeed in their chosen careers.

Since launching TalentintheCloud in 2016, 42% of the senior leaders we have placed into firms across Africa have been women

Our growing specialist practice focuses exclusively on assisting women leaders to harness their careers and ensure they are treated as equal. Our mission is to significantly increase the number of women leaders across the African FinTech sector.

If you’re looking to further your career or increase diversity across your organization, get in touch with us today.

There are endless opportunities in Financial Services for women. However, there are numerous challenges that are similar and common across the world. To be able to drill them down, you have to distinguish into categories. The common ones are: pay gap, discrimination, lack of opportunities and having to balance careers and families (parenthood penalty).

We’re delighted to be partners with TalentintheCloud who make a REAL difference to the careers of women operating in the African Financial Services sector. With their deep understanding of the challenges we as women face,and their unrivaled network of business leaders across the continent, they seek to address the key challenges we face and give us women a true voice in the industry

Martha Mghendi-Fisher, Founder and CEO of the European Women in Payments and African Women in FinTech & Payments