Common questions I get asked by Clients.

I have been working in a client-facing role within TalentintheCloud for five years in Feb 2022. Every day brings new exciting challenges, but I can confidently say that working with our clients is always my highlight and the ultimate reason I love my job.

Amongst the many conversations I have with my clients, there are always some common questions that seem to pop up recurringly.

I think the 1st question usually goes something like this. Why is this candidate on the market? The answer is simple, and certainly, from TalentintheCloud’s perspective, the candidate is not on the market. Each candidate that is sent over to our clients is specifically headhunted for that specific role. It takes a lot of effort to sell the client’s company and the role to eventually pique the candidate’s interest.

With many of our clients being in the start-up phase, most of them view us as a partner and extension of their business which usually leads to working with them on a consultative basis. Many of our clients will ask about market expansion and how to go about it, the interview process and what we have seen work best, remuneration and compensation related to markets they may not be familiar with etc. Some clients looking to expand into entirely new markets may also ask us to do salary research as to what the market-related salaries are for their role and what they should be paying.

Overall, various questions usually come our way, and through experience, research, networking and market mapping, I am pleased to say we are well equipped to answer most of them, and if we don’t know, we’ll sure find out!

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