Common misconceptions in recruitment

The biggest misconception I’ve faced in my albeit short recruitment career is that recruiters only care about filling roles.

Fundamentally, filling roles is what drives any recruiter. There’s nothing more satisfying than closing a deal, but the factor that sweetens that deal is ensuring you’ve placed the right candidate.

We always look for the right candidate because they have to have the right skills to succeed and grow in a role. Otherwise, they won’t be happy, which in turn means they lose faith in their recruiter, which means that the relationship built disappears, and the recruiter’s reputation is quickly tarnished. Secondly, clients start to doubt our ability to find the right fit, which means no return business. And lastly, we don’t get paid until the right candidate is successfully placed.

So while you may have encountered a few recruiters who only care about filling roles, a lot of us genuinely care about changing the lives of the candidates we place and making their lives better and enhancing their careers.



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