Should I hire an internal recruiter ?

For smaller organizations with limited HR resources, there comes a point when it needs to consider hiring an internal recruiter. This is typically when the business’ hiring requirements become too demanding for the person/people involved. They can either engage a recruitment organization at this point, or in-source recruitment by hiring a dedicated internal recruiter. Whichever the case,…

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The reason why Recruitment has to evolve

I came across a very interesting infographic posted on SocialTalent entitled ‘How Recruiters Read your CV’ and this simple graphic highlights exactly why recruitment HAS TO change. Everything around us evolves however some industries are slower than others to react. The article states that on average, a recruiter spends between 6-10 seconds scanning a CV…

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The end of the CV? – Part 2

After my last article relating to the sheer number of candidates who applied for one job (you can read that here), I was contacted privately by an experienced Executive who wanted to understand why companies overlooked his CV, even though he was selective on the positions he applied for.

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