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Kimberley MacSymon-Jones, Director of Market Strategy at Myriad Connect – All things FinTech, repositioning your product, & go-to-market strategies


Julian Sawyer, CEO of Bitstamp – All things Fintech, talent gaps in cryptocurrency, & is regulation a barrier to progress in the sector?


Aneesa Ameer, Head of Innovation at ABSA Life – All things FinTech, personalizing customer service, & encouraging your kids to think outside the box


Mark Chirnside, CEO & Co-Founder of Xago – All things FinTech, how to choose your investor, & analyzing your business to start making a profit


Buhle Goslar, Africa CEO of JUMO – All things FinTech, the reason we’re not seeing the full benefits of financial inclusion in South Africa & moving away from pay secrecy.


Megan Harrison, Executive Head of Transactional Banking at MomentumMetropolitan – All things FinTech, her experience in positions where women have been underserved & building momentum…quite literally


Simon Ellis, Co-Founder & CEO of SmartWage – All things FinTech, why start-ups pretend to automate, & altering the problem you’re solving


Idan Jaan, Co-Founder & CEO of Fundrr – All things FinTech, how to get on the front page of a google search at no cost, & free tools your start-up needs


Angela Yore, Founder and MD of SkyParlour – All things FinTech, PR strategies for start-ups vs scale-ups, and how to position your business for investors


Alicia Levine, COO of Chipper Cash – All things FinTech, how to create your dream job, & our thoughts on OKRs as a goal-setting tool



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