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Imad Gharazeddine, Co-Founder & CEO at Mamo in the UAE – All things FinTech, coming from Google, disrupting the way payments are done and creating the trends rather than following them


Povilas Čiuplys, Chief Customer Officer at TransferGo – All things FinTech, all things customer service, and how to maximize chatbot engagement.


Darlington Onyeagoro, Co-founder & CEO at Aladdin Digital Bank – All things FinTech, building an ecosystem bank and including a market place for customers with it’s own social network


Marième Ba Kane, Fondatrice et Présidente de Next Africa Finance Solutions – Tout sur la FinTech, l’automatisation pour commercialiser le secteur des services financiers et comment mieux faire la gestion des risques du processus.


Punit Thakker, Founder & CEO at FinVault – All things FinTech, building a trusted & simple DeFi + Web3.0 bank for the next 1 billion users


Akshay Grover, CEO of Cellulant – All things Fintech, how funding rounds differ from A-D and seed-investment advice for rookies


Kristjan Kangro, CEO at Change – All things FinTech, building a billion dollar community and helping anyone to have access to high-performing investments


Sam O’Connor, CEO at Coconut in the UK – All things FinTech, creating a tax app for freelancers and tapping into the growing trend of self-employment with the goal of alleviating the finance and tax burden


Awa Gueye, CEO de Mowali SAS – Tout sur la FinTech, l’impact de la fintech sur l’inclusion financière, les défis que peut rencontrer une fintech et comment elle peut rebondir.


Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, CEO at 4G Capital – All things FinTech, the Neobank for Africa, and creating value chains by merging tech and credit services to grow retail activity.



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