TalentintheCloud assists The DPO Group expand across Africa

DPO Group (formally Direct Pay Online) launches operations in 6 countries in less than 3 months

DPO Group will launch services across 18 African countries by 2019. Key to the growth strategy is hiring local teams, sometimes in countries where the understanding of online payments is in its infancy.  DPO, therefore, needed a recruitment solution that ensured:

Candidates could actually perform the job in hand

Remote recruitment can be done fast, with pin-point accuracy

New hires could adapt to fast and dynamic DPO culture

It avoided the traditional trap of high recruitment costs

The Results

In just 12 weeks, DPO through TalentintheCloud, hired candidates in Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Namibia.

Candidates generated and assessed
Cost saving
Reduction in time to hire
Fill rate

The Solution

Out of the many possible traditional recruitment solutions, none combined the flexibility, accuracy, speed and the efficiencies DPO needed. By looking outside the traditional recruitment box, they found TalentintheCloud.

Once the TalentintheCloud team fully understood DPO’ business drivers, needs and culture, the next step was a series of recruitment planning workshops.

The result; a process driven, highly scalable and incredibly efficient (both in cost and time) recruitment program combining the very latest digital technologies with recruitment industry expertise.

Given the geographical challenges, Digital Assessments had to be a core element of the solution. Special attention was given when devising the assessments as many candidates had no prior experience of digital assessments.

Assessments were created to assess each candidate on their skills, ability and cultural fit. Real-time reporting, anytime/anywhere access to the ATS and weekly video conferences gave the DPO team clear visibility on all vacancies and candidates resulting in 100% transparency at all times

DPO now has a scalable, efficient and highly tuned recruitment process resulting in the speedy onboarding of new staff across the continent.

TalentintheCloud continues to innovate and deliver solutions to the entire DPO Group across Africa and is the 3rd year of its close partnership (updated Feburary 2019).

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