Candidate Management

It’s all about the candidate experience

Respond to each and every candidate at every stage of the process

It’s vital to promote a simple yet engaging application process, but equally as important, is to provide feedback to candidates throughout the process.

TalentintheCloud has devised a sophisticated suite of tools that have been designed to give each and every candidate who applies for a position with one of our clients, a unique and engaging experience. This strengthens brand awareness as well as acting as another channel for our client's marketing team.


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At every stage, we communicate with candidates on our client's behalf via client branded emails and drip feeding valuable content such as tips on writing CVs and attending interviews. Candidates are left with a positive experience. Even those who are unsuccessful are far more likely to refer friends and colleagues to apply for future vacancies.

  • Give a superior candidate experience
  • Gain more referrals
  • Track and nurture candidates over a period of time and invite them to re-apply
  • Build Talent Pools
  • Turn Talent Acquisition into a marketing machine
  • Stay in regular contact with all your candidates
  • Outsource the time intensive task of keeping candidates informed and engaged with your brand
  • Build virtual relationships with your candidates and see your referrals increase

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