Are Recruiters Accepting Diverse Employees?

Are Recruiters Accepting Diverse Employees?

When young and passionate school-levers get approached by recruitment firms to join the mad rush that is the staffing industry, they are seldom taught to think outside of the proverbial box. They are taught what placeable candidates look like, sound like and act like. They are taught to assess key points in the CV related to qualifications, experience, and personal habits; and should candidates come forward that do not meet these frameworks, they are not worth the time. How sad is that?

The world is changed and now, we start to realize that great candidates no longer fit the framework that staffing giants created in the 1950s. Approximately 15% of the current workforce identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community, women are no longer wholly and solely focused on family life only and are growing their careers as chief executives of multinational corporates, and qualifications are no longer the begin-all and end-all to great talent.

Recent statistics show that around 51% of recruiters today have a strategy in place to find and place diverse talent. Most of this talent still speaks to the acquired diversity statistics including a focus on education, experience, and knowledge, rather than inherent diversity such as race, sexual orientation and gender. I was one of these, up to a few years ago, that focused on acquired diversity as a whole and pushed aside the need for inherent diversity in my recruitment strategies. Although my path to discovering the importance of this was already laid, it was not until I cemented myself within TalentintheCloud that I truly felt a passion for it!

I came to realise that diversity does not change anything about me or my beliefs, but rather understanding and accepting those who do not see the world as I see it. I saw within my own team that accepting people’s differences and making that acceptance known as a key driver to growth and innovation. My team members trusted me and would do anything to grow the business; far greater than my previous experiences. Not only this, but diverse hiring and understanding cultural differences brought an intense amount of creative thinking and passionate but fair debate into the business. There are endless positive outcomes, and I cannot wait to discover more.

I know the next question will be around what the negatives are, and yes, there are some. Hiring internal staff members does become more challenging because you can no longer hire someone who does not share your vision for a diverse and accepting business. Making a hire like this would be a huge mistake and will probably result in high staff turnover. There are also cases of interpersonal conflict and if not managed correctly, can lead to lower performance levels and morale. However, I am a true believer that these issues by no means outweigh the positive outcomes that await any company willing to go the mile and invest in diverse hiring.

It’s time that we put the old way of thinking to bed and align ourselves to the new, advanced way of recruiting!

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