Applicant Tracking System

Optimize your recruiting process

Tracking and managing candidates' progress

TalentintheCloud delivers you a fully functioning cloud based Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is a cloud based software that we use to manage recruitment campaigns.  Every stakeholder will have access, making this completely transparent (although we are able to set permissions). The ATS will be set up and configured based on the agreed process and will be the central system for all recruitment activities.

Core Features

  • Customize your pipeline stages per vacancy
  • We will automate your common tasks with Stage Actions
  • Upload or email-in resumes - individually or in bulk
  • Review and rate candidates with consistency using custom Scorecards & Interview Guides
  • Track, comment and progress candidates
  • Allows all stakeholders to see the pipeline at any time
  • Save taps and time with our intuitive, drag & drop interface
  • Review and respond to new candidates as they come into your pipeline
  • Participate in your team’s conversations with push notifications

Get it all to go

With mobile apps for iOS and Android, you are able to take action when it matters, wherever you are.

applicant tracking system



Already have an ATS ? No problem. Our team have worked with a vast number of the leading Applicant Tracking Systems and we work closely with the vendors to fully optimize the platform to your needs.

All our services are delivered via cloud based software with open API's allowing for seamless integration to your existing systems. We integrate with all of the leading ATS providers. Please contact us for further details.

applicant tracking system
applicant tracking system
applicant tracking system
applicant tracking system
applicant tracking system
applicant tracking system

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