Talent in the Cloud: Our Story

The who, why, when and where!

Who ?

We are a highly experienced and dedicated team who share a common interest - to improve the way companies recruit by combining technology and human expertise. Together, our founding team has many decades of international experience in recruitment, talent acquisition, marketing, operations and customer service that is unrivaled in the markets we serve.


Darren Franks, Founder & CEO is a thought leader in modern talent acquisition strategies. Darren offers a unique perspective having lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Darren’s career began in London 17 years ago with a publicly listed staffing business before being approached to join a start-up technology & telecoms recruitment firm. During his 16 year tenure, Darren consulted and advised a vast array of customers on talent acquisition strategies including Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds, magic circle law firms, consulting firms, OEM’s, international telecoms operators and VC backed start-ups.

Darren’s passion for digitization, transformation and people analytics allows him to design, build and operate talent acquisition programs and strategies for almost any business. He’s a firm believer that finding the right blend between technology and human capital is the ultimate way to deliver excellence.

Darren is married with 2 children and spends the majority of his time with customers across the African continent helping organizations embrace the future of Talent Acquisition.

Tim Martin, Non-Executive Director is a seasoned CFO & Managing Director who has held various senior board positions throughout his successful career with both SME and public listed companies in the UK, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Tim has over 20 years' experience in the IT Distribution sector and has been instrumental in developing new sales channels for major vendors into new territories.

Tim has built and managed high performing teams across the globe leading to numerous mergers and acquisitions. Tim is a seasoned entrepreneur and having recruited hundreds of people over his career, fully understands the challenges faced by organizations.

Kirstin Rawlings, Associate Director is our resident expert on Africa and heads up our customer engagements. Throughout her 11 years of international recruitment she has worked with customers across the continent - from East to West and North to South. She has helped organizations across 21 African countries and it’s her personal mission to serve the remaining 33.

With her ‘C’ level connections and her background in solution sales, Kirstin brings a wealth of experience to the team.  Her desire to deliver results in a modern and scientific way was a perfect fit for our business.

Kirstin is married with a young family and enjoys the work life balance that TalentintheCloud offers to all of its team members.

Marco Baptista, Associate Director was born and raised in Zimbabwe. After he completed his education he relocated to the UK which he has called home for a very long time.

Being fully bi-lingual (Portuguese & English), Marco has built a large network of contacts throughout the PALOP region and naturally across other African states. Given his work ethic and relationship building abilities, can quickly identify the best solutions available and put steps in place to ensure successful delivery and within expectations.

Marco is passionate about technology and coming from a 360 recruitment role, truly believes this is the future of Talent Acquisition. In his exact words "If I didn't believe in TalentintheCloud then I would not be here"

If Marco is not at the office or being kept on his toes by his wife and kids, he likes to get away and enjoy a round of golf finishing off on the 19th hole.

Why ?

Things have changed and are continually evolving! Expectations are ever higher, recruitment psychology is more scientific, the cloud offers Anytime-Anywhere service delivery and customers are demanding ever increasing ROI. As experienced recruiters, we could see the industry was failing in its obligation to grasp the change and deliver the best for its users (both candidates and employers alike).

So, we created TalentintheCloud to not only meet today's needs but those of the future. Our DNA is to embrace continual change so that everyone benefits – employers, candidates and of course our team. Regardless of all the tools we use, we never forget that this is a people business.


When ?

TalentintheCloud was conceived early in 2016 after the founding team decided that enough was enough, and took matters into their own hands. Things had to change, and we set about making that happen.

Where ?

Our head-office is located in London, however our team is spread out across the EMEA region - from London to Belgium and South Africa to the UAE. We have truly embraced remote working and have given serious consideration to the tools we use to help us collaborate on a daily basis.

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