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Episode 12 – June 26th 2020

Angy Watson, Chief Strategy Officer of Tutuka – All things FinTech, the advice CEOs & young professionals seek from a certified coach, & how to leverage previous experiences

Episode 11 – June 26th 2020

Lee Ann Lancaster, Chief Growth Officer at Mama Money – All things FinTech, how to scale your business, & how to navigate the world when the cards are not stacked in your favour

Episode 10 – June 18th 2020

Busi Mavunga, Founder & Inclusion Strategist at Inclusiion Fusion – All things FinTech, what businesses look for when choosing FinTech products, and leaving corporate

Episode 9 – June 4th 2020

Jason Sive, Founder & CEO of Mobicred – All things FinTech, right time to launch a product, and getting to know your customers

Episode 8 – May 28th 2020

Daniel Isaacs, CFO of Comcorp – All things FinTech, getting a promotion, and financial planning for businesses

Episode 7 – May 22nd 2020

Brett Dyason, Co-Founder & CEO of Hepstar – All things FinTech, scaling a business, and tips working with remote teams

Episode 6 – May 14th 2020

Viola Llewellyn, President & Co-Founder of  Ovamba Solutions – All things FinTech, disaster planning & advice for women leaders

Episode 5 – May 3rd 2020

Hannalie Marsh, MD of Wirecard Solutions South Africa – All things FinTech, markets adopting cardless payments & how to climb the corporate ladder

Episode 4 – April 29th 2020

Swati Safeda, CDO of Nimble Group – All things FinTech, changing career paths, and the importance of mentors

Episode 3 – April 22nd 2020

Increase transaction volumes & retain merchants in a downturn – with Darren Franks, CEO of TalentintheCloud, Andreas Demleitner, Co-Founder of Peach Payments, and Simon Hardie, CEO of Findexable

Episode 2 April 16th 2020

Anino Emuwa, Founder of Avandis Consulting – All things FinTech, Women Empowerment, and overcoming downturns

Episode 1 – April 12th 2020

Kevin Mutiso, Founder of Alternative Circle – All things FinTech, Entrepreneurial advice, African Founders, Zero Sum Game

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