5 ways to get and keep motivated

I was raised to keep looking forward and not let anything distract me. There have been many times of fail and doubt, but these are the 5 things that helped motivate me.   

  1. Determination: be devoted to whatever you do. Do not do something half-hearted. When doing things half-heartedly, you leave room for mistakes and unexpected problems. Always be determined to bring the best of your abilities.   
  2. Self-motivation: always believe in yourself and put yourself on a high platform because once you see yourself in a greater light, you will also see how accomplished you can become. Once you have passed the first obstacle of believing yourself, you can do anything!  
  3. Patience: do not rush anything, everything happens in its own time, but as long as you keep focused and keep moving forward, the process will not be far off. Wait till that opportunity presents itself and grab it!  
  4. Respect: do not put your ego, personality, or background above anyone. Stay humble and learn from everything.  
  5. Selfishness: look out for yourself before you help others. The only way to bring the best out of yourself is to accept your weaknesses and work on them. Self-care is extremely important as you reflect on your actions and attentions. This can help you become the best version of yourself and give you the capability to help others. 
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